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we have the technology that permits us to detect the very large majority -- i estimate 90% -- of the people trying to cross illegally into the united states in that sector. what that means, mr. chairman, is that when we say 58,000 as opposed to 560,000 people arrested last year and six -- in san diego, i can tell you that my friends and neighbors in san diego will tell you that this order is not out of control. san diego is one of the safest 10 cities in the united states and there are three other border cities among the safest in the united states. . in respect to the capacities that you are developing and secondly some of the budget implications of those efforts. prior to the attempted air cargo bombing plot out of yemen last fall, cbp was receiving international air cargo manifests four hours before cargo arrival in the united states. that is after the plane was air borne. in response to the october 29, 2010 mailing, the national targeting center has been working with air carriers so they can analyze cargo manifests before flights take off. in december, cbp began piloti
coe and the u.s. government. this is a essential step in determining the congo future. we are encouraged to watch the elections that are well an transparently admin stirred an conducted in an environment that is conducive to free political expression. the other preoccupation is the area of governance is human rights, and the adequate of state capacity and the existing state forces continue to fuel existing abuses against the civilians. the undertaking of substantial programmatic efforts expanding the 2009 pledge of $17 million assistance to respond to an prevent sexual-based, sexual and gender-based violence. we are supportive of modest, but encouraged developments in a few key areas including the arrest and conviction of handful of high profile alleged abusers and the drc's plans to develop special chambers to prosecute those who committed atrocities, but the situation is one of impunity, and many more positive developments will be required to reverse the trend. the third theme is economic recovery which is essential in providing alternatives to enlistmentt and armed grou
, democratic, free, moderate, modern libya. libya, all of us are muslim. sewn yo as you libyans. they are patriots. they are fighters. after jihad against the italians their sacrifice are quite clear. and we are proud of them. are our brothers. no difference between whether from beirut or -- we are united. we are one tribe. the tribe of libya. >> thank you. [applause] just to add to it, after the liberation of the cities in libya, most of the cities have established civilian governing bodies. these civilian governing bodies are made of lawyers, of judges, of the youth, of the movement. and all of them are working now even though in the short period they have shown the people when the people govern themselves really, not as gaddafi used to do, they have done a better job and the people have seen the difference. all the material that we see sometimes in the western press, it's really amazing that people don't know what's going on in libya. they spie of things we don't know as libyans. it's something very alien. there is no civil war because there is no civilians fighting each othe
that with the minimum amount of what we have to provide on the ground and the maximum amount in helping others to use their capabilities against these organizations. and enable them as we have done with so many partners. >> a former marine in the theater has talked about the main problems, that only with u.s. direct involvement and substantial financial infusions of money -- the budget for a spans greater than the entire afghan gdp. when we leave, how will the afghan government pay for it? from his perspective, on the ground, almost entirely by u.s. supervision and u.s. financing. >> first of all, that does not give adequate credit to our afghan partners. marja, which was liberated less than a year ago, which took 4200 u.s. marines when we started, which is down now to 1600, they have been able to hold the district community council election. this is right after their great debate. it was neat stuff. this was them running this. there are 10 schools open now in marja. there were zero under the taliban. these are afghans teaching in the schools, not us. we may have to rebuild the schools, working to re
administration as we all know to make us energy independent. it's been a an abysmal failure in that charge. the nationwide the gil troy gasoline is about $3.55 a gallon. this is the highest price ever in the month of march and is over 40 cents higher than just a month ago. the skyrocketing gas prices in a risky dependence on tools supplied by volatile for innovations such as libya for the american energy policy that emphasizes production and decreases our reliance upon foreign oil. the united states is the only nation on earth that bids development of its own god-given natural resources. we've been blessed by our creator with abundant natural resources and we shouldn't be hesitant to tap into it. especially of the time when the energy cost is so high. however, since taking office the obama administration has done everything in its power to block of our energy resources even more with the defect code moratoriums. the production of the gulf of mexico alone has declined by 400 barrels -- 300,000 barrels of oil per day just due to the obama administration's actions. energy is the lifeblood of
is the justification for continued u.s. taxpayer investments? in egypt and elsewhere successive u.s. administrations failed to move beyond the status quo and prepare for the future. we should not associate the protests in jordan and bahrain with events transpiring in tripoli, cairo, and beirut. there is one constant. we have failed to build strong accountable institutions to protect human rights. this administration's decision to cut support from pro-democracy civil groups and to only fund groups precleared with the mubarak government is a mistake that we must never repeat. then there is the mistake of the bush administration and continued under the current administration to conduct business as usual with the libyan regime following the lifting of u.n. security sanctions sanctions that imposed that included lives -- which included taking the live of two people. madam secretary, i have a letter that they have written requesting yours and director miller's help requesting information on muammar gaddafi's attacks on targets in the 1980's and 19990's. many of us objected to their deplorable human rights
initiatives that in bigarade and protect the american economy and fundamental u.s. security. . to end this dangerous over reliance on oil imports and improve our efficiency and improve international cooperation, i believe the administration should reverse its prohibition on new offshore oil drilling, develop new forms of liquid fuels from domestic feed stocks and dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of our vehicles. as this occurs, the state department must boost our energy trade with reliable and transparent allies such as canada. although the situation in libya is extremely dangerous, we can be thankful that the of people is occurring without a nuclear weapons dimension. the bush administration was successful in coaxing libya to give up its nuclear weapons program eight years ago. the importance of that this that has been magnified by the current prices -- current crisis. there have been average, including the -- programs, the state department plays a key role to overcome the proliferation threat. as we discussed yesterday in the context of north korea, regime instability heigh
grateful for his accomplishments in iraq and what he is doing now. all of us would agree that we should thank his family and all of the military families do what the country. please join me in a proper welcome for general petraeus. [applause] >> thank you, mike, for the kind words in kind introduction. thank you for being here instead of being glued to your tv screen. it is a privilege to recommend -- to represent the great men and women you mentioned. earlier i wanted to be reassured. i have done a handful of presentations here at the museum. i want to thank them for pulling this together in getting such a wonderful audience. i did want to be reassured that there is no serving military officers that have done more presentations here than i have. i have been assured that the record is still mine. i will continue to defend that particular title. it is great to be back on the stage. we have done several of these in the past. the conversation literally goes where he wants to lead it and then were you all want to take it. it will be interesting to see people on ipad and everything else. i w
to remind our guests today that demonstrations from the audience including the use of signs and placards as well as verbal outbursts are a violation of the rules of the house and the chair wishes to thank our guests for their cooperation in maintaining order and proper decorum. in the interest of time, the ranking member and that -- and i have agreed that we have to remember witnesses testifying on panel 1. as a prior consultation, i ask unanimous consent to congressman dingell, congressman ellison, and congressman wolf as member witnesses not to be subject to questions from committee members. they will testify as one panel. without objection, so ordered. i believe the ranking member has unanimous consent request -- >> yes, i would like to add unanimous consent that congressman carson, pasquale, and green be allowed to sell about them without objection so ordered. >> i will now recognize myself for opening statements. let me thank all of the witnesses, the member panel, and the witnesses who traveled to be with us today. thank you very much for giving the time in what i believe to be a v
. terrorist organizations have become increasingly adept at using the internet and social media to recruit, inspire, motivate individuals, already in the united states to carry out attacks on their behalf. and this question is for mr. jasser, sheriff baca, but others wish, you are free to respond as well. one such website that has been described as key to al qaeda's communications was hosted by a web hosting company in my area of tampa bay in the state of florida, the site has since been taken down. what are your thoughts on how to combat the use of the internet and other technology by terrorist organizations overseas to inspire and inspire terrorist attacks in our country by those already here? >> congressman, that's a wonderful question. and i think it points to the fact we have not had any type of cyber counter jihad if you will. why, because that can only be done by muslims so we need your support to do that and key can do with it the right resources by countering that ideology. the narrative says that america is against muslims, it creates this that america is going to iraq, to conver
will take a look at everything we have in front of us in terms of licensing or any other actions we may have and see if there are lessons we need to apply. host: one of your former nrc commissioner says this event will lead to a slowdown in licenses. are an you not willing to concede that? because of the need to divert manpower and strutted this accident and the lessons learned and incorporate this, will it have some affect on the pace to which you could make decisions? guest: and this will be a significant workload for the agency. we will take a look at how we can deal with this work load and if we need additional resources, we'll have to ask congress for that additional support. those are preliminary at this point. want to make sure we put the right resources to this and adjust our work is necessary. i want to emphasize that our number one priority will continue to be the safety and security of the existing -- we don't intend to take resources away from that to help the effort to analyze what happened in japan the decisions on the new reactors are still some time away. right now they're ge
in the field are giving us out to men. we have to really think about how you get women at the center of these programs. >> it is science and technology, but it is also culture and human being -- behavior. i should be out of here. one, you were in washington testifying. we are looking at a deficit. what will be the impact on foreign aid? >> we are quite concerned. i have spent on the hill for a couple of days. most americans want to be generous. we think of ourselves as a generous a society. if we ask most americans, they think we spend 25% of our u.s. budget on foreign aid when it is less than 1%. .8%, less than that. i wish it was .8%. >> how does it compare to other countries? >> the netherlands the u.k. -- a lot of the g-8 countries are moving towards .8% going to develop them. we are nothing close to that. how much should we spend it? about 10%. there is an education issue about understanding and really understanding these dollars make a huge difference, and they are not a line item budget. it is a life. a 13 cent measles vaccine will save all life. even though i have very sad m
tomorrow morning for "washington journal thank you forebrain us safely here -- for bringing us here. we have the freedom to gather this way and the freedom to glorify and praise you and come to you in prayer knowing he will meet every need and should we only speak it, you will be there with us. the us a joyful heart so that we might serve you in all we do. in jesus' name we pray. amen. >> if you will continue standing for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. thank you. you may be seated. we have a great lineup for you this morning. before we get to that, i have a few programming notes. you've got a program when you came in today. it reads from left to right in order of the speakers. we do have a little change in the program. senator rick santorum could not be here today. he sent his regrets. he did everything he could to be here. after the family values panel we will adjourn for a one hour lunch break. lunch will be a $10 a box
of -- if you could hold us at the safety lu lels we'll be appreciative. that's nuts. you're going to have to say, gas prices are expected to hit 5 bucks this summer. how are we going to move people, employ people, build america, put people back to work unless you have a robust funding stream in the transportation sector? . . [applause] . . when they are going to have a job and whether they can feed and clothe their families. if you live in and do not choose to do that, shame thatlimp -- limp in and choose not to do that, shame on you. this is a big deal. this new bunch that was elected in my party, they are serious. they are serious. so serious that they changed the house rules at the beginning. we try to get them not to change the rules, but they changed it. no longer are the authorizations' coupled with the appropriation -- with the appropriations. it does not have to be what is coming in from the trust fund. this is a big fight. if you do not treated as a big fight, things are going to happen to you. i will close and let my friend continue. i hope you have a happier speech that i have.
- director for elections in washington state. thank you for joining us. where is your state in all of this? when will voters go to a primary or caucus and what is the timing of washington participation? guest: washington has a presidential primary. we have had one since 1989. the secretary of state has been a very strong proponent of the presidential primary because it brings out a broader spectrum of voters than a caucus. the caucus in our state probably bring out about 100,000 voters. the primary broadcom 1.3 million voters. there is no comparison in terms of which system allows for greater participation. our state, like many others, is facing such a financial budget problem. $5 billion is the estimated deficit for washington state for the next two years. we budget two years at a time. every office, every elected official every agency and state government has been asked to find cuts. state government is no longer in the situation where it can afford the desirable programs. we are cutting down to the core of what must be provided. unfortunately, secretary of state and the governor are pro
delay his departure by using violence, so can we. host: let me bring it back to the president over the last 10 days. he departs for brazil and brazil abstained from the un resolution. the president sends a letter to members of congress on monday and speaker john boehner cents a sharp response on wednesday asking for more answers and on friday there's a conference call in the situation room with congressional leaders for the president to further explain our role and our mission. all this comes at the same time that the white house says nato will take greater command authority leading to more questions as to who u.s. troops respond to. is it the u.s. military or nato? the present will talk about this tomorrow. guest: this shows that there is a concern at the white house about congress and the broader american public if they understand the mission or support the mission. that will be an issue for the next few days for the white house to address this and obama to define what his ideas are and how he wants to get there. host: we have the aljazeera washington chief and we have the report
earlier, the legislature's oliver the united states, including florida where i used to be in school board attorney, has legislation requires school districts to have policies to protect students based on sexual orientation. those issues have already been decided on the state level. school districts are implementing them. of course, stalled projects -- school districts want to make sure that are sick for all students. that is the mission of public -- are safe for all students. host: fransisco negron is the general counsel for the national school boards association. coming up to maurer, a political roundtable -- coming up tomorrow, patricia murphy and laura meckler. we will talk about recent developments. ian vasquez from the cato institute. he will give his perspective on the calls. michael doonan from brandeis university. we will talk about the massachusetts health care system. that the requirements in place to have adults and children covered within the state and we will get an update on how that program is doing as it is being touted as a larger model for president obama's health care p
restraints, either by a safety seat or using adult see the belt. that's huge. it's huge. and it's a great success and we've got to do better. but then as we're thinking about all these things, and the hard work that it took, over the years in terms of the education campaigns, in term os. law enforcement about to say mobilizations, in terms of your hard work and your outreach and your publications and your lobbying on the hill and you getting resources to our agency and others, this turns into the positive momentum that we need. but then it creates new challenges. because along with the notion of safety culture we also have the movement of technology and how we sort of balance these two. i'll give you a great example of that. now, as a proponent we are working very hard at ntsa on the next generation of safety technology, specifically crash avoidance. now, we've been working for decades on crash avoidance along with a lot of people in this room. and we've done this through a lot of ways. improving crash avoidance by highlighting issues in the highway safety program that we upgraded for 201
access the internet and what are schools can teach? we don't need them to give us the answers to those questions. the ultimate arrogance in my opinion coming out of washington is obama care. because obama care will decide who your doctor is ultimately. they will say oh no we aren't. oh, yes they will. with this bill we're all going to be spending more and getting less. now think of that. you get less you spend more. what a deal what a deal. no wonder last year every week that rasmussen has been taking a poll never once has it gone below a majority of americans. not just conservatives not just republicans. but never below a majority of americans who want to see obama care repealed. as a matter of fact, this last week it was 62% the highest number of americans yet that want to see us repeal obama care. [applause] this is i believe the greatest power grab that we have ever seen and i believe it is a crime against our constitutional republic because the debt clock is ticking and it's changing now forever. we've seen how this movie is going to end. we'v
all of us to say that we could have a 10-year standard in here of the benchmarks. instead of putting the cities and counties for this wringer every couple of years that they find very difficult to comply with. and that is my concern on that. i will wait for the next round for the others. >> this lummis. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i do not have much of a voice today so thank you for your tolerance. i like to associate myself with -- toemarks that mr. ko disassociate myself with the remark of cole. i never hear the vitriol that i here in town hall meetings about epa, from coal miners to ranchers to people who do believe climates are changing but believe that the epa's heavy hand forces regulation of greenhouse gases, sending jobs and to countries that do not have environmental regulations that match ours. thereby causing greater pollution elsewhere in the world that will eventually get to us as well. most of us have more confidence in our own country's ability to manage environmental issues with the latest technology and is capable elsewhere in the world. i think that we should concen
on it. it also evidences the report illustrates with the data and although not news to those of us in the room that women are getting more educated and in the workforce and yet paid less, i think the incredible coverage we got this week which i have to thank our communications team in the white house and particularly hanna august and deputy director of jenny caplan really spearheading give us an opportunity to get that information out in front of the american public. clearly people have not gotten that message. we did not get paycheck fairness through last fall and didn't get the message across and really demonstrates how important and how meaningful to really the lives of american women and their families, their husbands, spouses, children, economic security of women are. even as we work to increase our educational levels, get more in the workforce, the fact that there's pay disparity and continuing wage disparity is a real issue we must continue to work on. the data also confirms a lot of things we have been doing in the administration like health care. i'm glad becky pointed out
, a house oversight hearing on the u.s. postal service. then the president's 2012 budget request for nasa. it is followed by discussions with the crew of the space shuttle discovery. the u.s. postal service is on course to run a deficit of about $6.50 billion in the current fiscal year. this is after an $8.50 billion deficit last year. a subcommittee look at the financial state of the postal service with testimony by the postmaster general, the chair of the postal regulatory commission and the head of the national association of letter carriers. this is one hour, 55 minutes. this is one hour, 55 minutes. >> we will do opening statements from the ranking member and the whole committee. we may have to adjourn for votes in the metal. -- the middle. if we do, we will adjourn and continue. i will continue with my statements. the demand for first-class mail continues to decline. competition and benefit costs continue to account for approximately 80% of the postal service's operating expenses. they lack the necessary funds to fund its retiree health-care benefits due at the end of september. the
. as a supplement to get us to the point of what is sustainable, which is what your proposal is doing, why cannot talk about not a welfare payment to someone else but what it means for us as a group? it to do that logically than you know your contributions have to match the accrued value be a straightforward financial calculations. my question is do you do that as an alternative presentations to you get us to the point of calculating what today is a liability? i'm afraid the politicians will continue the procrastination economics and believe we do not have a problem until 200037. do you do that? do they ever see it? >> it is in the trust the report. with estimated not only on the pay-go system. you look at any point in time and say of all the money up to this day and what we're doing today, do we have enough money to cover on a pay-go basis? that is the taxes versus the benefits. the you're speaking to is fully advanced funded government defined pension plan. >> of the inc's, that is regardless of whether it is a [inaudible] it should be on the balance sheet. and basically answers that if we were
? the difference is a medical expense. that's a ton of questions. host: gracious to us. thanks for your time. guest: thank you. pleasure to be here. . . [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> today, a look at the house members' debate on whether to eliminate funding to national public radio. then a look of the american transportation association on budget priorities. then a discussion on the tsa security project. >> the likely gop candidate on the economy, and whether he will run for the republican nomination. >> i put my toe in the water. the feedback we've gotten from people across the country is that tens of thousands are willing to volunteer. >> this sunday. >> you are watching c-span, bringing you politics and public affairs. every morning, it is "washington journal." weekdays, watched live coverage of the u.s. house. weeknights, congressional hearings and policy forms. also, supreme court's oral arguments. on the weekends, you can see our signature interview programs. on sunday, "newsmakers," "q&a," "and british hous
were denied and yet the government still went ahead and used the material witness statute. and again, i can't stress enough that the government did not raise an iqbal claim as to the plausibility of these allegations. only now in the reply brief where they're trying to address a sole motive situation, or a but-for, which is all we're asking this court to address, the government has now said the allegations are implausible. i think that in many situations -- you know, with the absolute immunity point, if i could just turn to that for a second -- the history, as you said, justice kennedy, the government has conceded they don't have a case on their side. we have plenty of cases in which, as the historians' we have plenty of cases and that our similar. but we're talking about the government's burden. the government came forward with no historical evidence. this is not inconsistent with warrants generally. we have surveyed the history of war and said that there is no history and we will not grant immunity for arrest warrants. this is even clearer. we are talking about a fairly
the media. discovery is on his final mission delivering scare -- spare parts and robots that will be used to assist crew members with daily tasks aboard the space station. the mission has been extended to at today's to allow crewmembers to unload supplies about- extended to extra days to allow crewmembers to unload supplies. this is just over 30 minutes. >> have there been specific times with the legacy of the vehicle have struck you -- has struck you? >> we have been busy during our mission. mostly we have been spending 95% of our time on just doing the work and getting the work done. when you are busy like that, you are focused on doing the task and doing the task correctly and making sure you are getting everything done the way it is supposed to be done. there have been times when i have been reflecting about it being the last mission and what a wonderful vehicle it is. when you look out the windows, you can see the wings and see discovery written on the wings. i reflect on what a great vehicle it has been. 39 missions and one year in orbit. i think about the things the big coal has do
and i think u.s. can be a little more creative in this area. iran has four main goals in afghanistan. one is to keep the taliban from completely taking over again, even though it plays a double or triple gain and give some support to taliban, it doesn't want taliban in the country. second is the extend the flow of drugs which has made iran the most addicted country in the world. a third is to do something about the sunni area which feeds a sunni in iran's own beluche area. and finally, iran wants the united states to withdraw is troops from afghanistan although i would think they would be prepared to have some limits provided there's assurance this would not be used as base that the united states could attack iran. some of these issues are already being explored. there was a track that explored in meetings and the iranian participants said they wanted to see a increased role for the united nations and the establishment of a core group to discuss afghanistan. similar to the bond groups that help set up the first government in afghanistan after the ove
-5785-5885 republicans use 202-737-0001 an585-3886 and residents of iowa can call -202-585- 3887. caller: i feel michele bachmann would make a good presidential nominee. because one she has outstanding conservative values. i do think she would be a good contender with obama if she sticks with those values. because we have somehow moved away from our conservative values and moved toward democracy, and that is where we wlook the same against the democrats. if you look more different and appeal to the larger percentage of the country, you can pull the independence and moderates with you to the republican side of the vote. i think that she would actually win the republican primary if given a good chance against president obama. i also believe that she looks like a good candidate because one, and she has good ideas i and getting the fiscal budget back together and getting the $105 billion that she and 20 other republicans and the house have found that were hidden in obama care. i feel that needs to be taken back and given back to the taxpayers. she seems willing to do that. if she is willing to do that, i a
are not going well. we will see how that works out. we are fortunate today to have with us a very outstanding panel. i just saw this last week. i opened with a sentence that said the senate has long been a favorite whipping boy of the media, scholars, and some senators. little could i have known that the washington post this morning with a form -- what from the mediocrity 20 opened a column last week as -- in united states senate, failure is not an option, it is a requirement. [laughter] with that, let me introduce our panel. we will have each of them speak for 50 minutes or so. we will give the -- for 15 minutes or so. we will give the former senator a little more. no filibuster is, though. trent lott is a former republican senator from mississippi. he is now the senior counsel with the pro-life leadership group. he spent 36 years in the congress 16 in the house and 20 in the senate. he served in a variety of leadership positions. they include being the republican whip and a house and going on to the senate where he was also the republican whip and majority leader. he also served in the hous
where you are on these kind of things? so yes it's a soap opera. >> mr. dodaro, can you give us an recommendations on what might be some of the low hanging fruit? i mean, do know, mr. chairman, if we could move on any of these, if you would be a sign of moving in the right direction. so is there any kind of low hanging fruit, things that are either so ridiculous in nature that by not acting it's kind of a shame? >> my recommendation would be to build of where there is good consensus about the need to streamline, like for it simple, in the areas i mentioned with the multiple programs there are recommendations flexible on the employment and training area to reduce and consolidate some of the programs and surface transportation there is agreement, the quality and improving those consolidated and the's common agreements there semis just would be to build off where there's a consensus as a starting point. and these areas where mr. davis mentioned on the high risk list we've seen progress. i would say the real point though we took two areas off the list and both of those areas have mo
forward on any given question and what resources we have available to us. people talk in terms of what their department can contribute. i have been impressed by the extent to which having this formal meeting and having it discussed many things rather than just one thing makes it be the case that people stop thinking of themselves -- they engage together as a manifestation of the government tried to solve problems. >> [unintelligible] >> i think it is getting better. the fact that the three of us work together for of five years running up to the election, there is no doubt that all that the national security council has made clear both white to the aged -- why they should be -- these humanitarian problems in libya. the work we do and the way we are joined together is extremely important for getting across a in that respect. >> i want to ask -- >> we should also point out there is a huge amount of the engagement a round of this process. meeting thatiefs' other departments attend. other departments attend the meeting among the evening to look the current operations. that is also attended
joins us from latin roots. you have david brody and michael shear. caller: i hear him saying something about what obama run on, and the way i got it was that he was going to spad the wealth aroun. when he got his cap and trade in, he was going to break all the coal companies. i never have heard anything like that in the media when it was happening. you guys had your heads in the sand, i guess. i do not know, like sean hannity said. we just cannot hear from you. they nowome up when we are all in this mess, and i hear him saying well, he inherited a mess. he did not inherit the mess. he and h cronies, the unions and acorn and barney frank and chris dodd, they're the ones that cause the mess. host: thank you for your call. do you want to react? guest: an interesting obrvation as to spreading the wealth. the president did talk about his philosophy his economic philophy which is let's spread the wealth. here we are in wisconsin, which you can argue certain things about scott walker,ut one thing they are saying, it is not fair what these union members are getting as a relates to pensions and
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